Britannia Good Day & MEC India co-creates India’s first brand owned Campus Digital Radio Station for the Gen-Z

Britannia Good Day in partnership with MEC Wavemaker, a content arm of MEC India, conceptualized India’s first brand owned campus #digitalradio station in an attempt to get young #Indians to smile more.

Gen-Z experiences the world through their mobile devices with information and opportunities at their fingertips. Riding this digital wave, Britannia aims to reach out to its young target audience proliferating the ethos of ‘Smiletainment’ – content that encourages youth to smile more. Campus Radio covers topics like music, sports, fashion, trends & films, in a youthful and campus reporting format, by partnering with and Radio Mirchi.

It has been integrated in as a 24/7-web radio station with a promise of being a constant source of differentiated content the youth relates to and consumes. The theme for Campus Radio is  ‘trending music, trending smiles’, basis which it will play music capsules, star shows and put in content that will encourage more smiles amidst the younger audience that wants to be tuned into the latest in lifestyle and music trends. It has been hosting a select list of the #funkiest new #music on the #youth playlist from #Bollywood and new indie pop artists across India. For the launch of Campus Radio, Radio Mirchi had composed a catchy new jingle with a spunky feel for the station and on-boarded a set of fresh new faces as RJs of this station.

Other segments that are also included are ‘What the Buzz’, which talks about all the happening trends around college campuses across metros, including current affairs and news, ‘Binge Watch’ which gives a preview of the hottest content on YouTube and provides a forum to discuss all the updates on the current TV series and many more to keep the listener hooked.

The hunt for the Campus Reporter saw 1500 entries which is currently being assessed by a jury from the Radio Mirchi team. The other features would be live jamming sessions, campus buzz, and live feed of college fests amongst the many other customized content for the Gen-Z.

Tune in to Campus Radio exclusively on Gaana.Com.



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